Hospitality Professionals

Our workshops are customised to meet your specific needs

Hospitality is a highly dynamic and competitive industry, which is dependent on the quality of its staff. Training and development is vital in ensuring that your staff are equipped with the skills and tools that they need to provide the best possible experience for your customers.

By investing in your staff you will create a culture of highly skilled and trained professionals at every level of your organisation.


Professionalism is often simply defined in terms of being punctual, dressing appropriately and meeting deadlines. At GEC our definition of professionalism is more extensive and our workshops incorporate training in key areas including, interpersonal communication, teamwork, conflict resolution, work ethic and resourcefulness. 

Participating in our workshops give your staff the expertise and confidence they need to provide exceptional service, cater to the needs of all of your customers and adapt themselves to every situation. Investing in our workshops will increase the standards of professionalism of your

staff, which are vital to running a successfully thriving hotel.


We offer a range of expertly designed in-house workshops that focus on enhancing the skills of your staff, increasing their productivity and maximising their potential in their professional lives. 


A unique feature of all of our professional development workshops is that they consist of a combination of coaching approaches, as well as mindfulness and are underpinned by current academic research.

All of our workshops are highly interactive and focus on strengthening personal and team development through the use of a variety of strategies including: self-reflection, group work, and peer-to-peer discussion. The sessions are engaging and enriched with practical  tips, tools

and techniques that participants can use in real-life situations.  Your staff will discover how they can enhance their own skills and contribute positively towards achieving their team’s goals, your organisation’s vision and increased customer satisfaction. 


Our workshops are customised to meet your specific needs.