Workshops - Education

Our lives today are highly complex and over-stretched, and there is increased pressure to juggle our work and home lives. We no longer have the ability to ‘switch-off,’ as we are enticed by our smartphones and social media and have FOMO (fear of missing out). All of these factors are resulting in greater stress, absenteeism and we are constantly operating in a state of fatigue.


GEC offers a range of professionally designed, bespoke workshops that enable you to reflect on and prioritise the areas of your life that are important to you. Regain control, take better care of your physical, mental and emotional well-being and live a happier, more fulfilling and productive life.

All of our workshops are highly interactive and focus on strengthening personal development through the use of a variety of strategies including: self-reflection, group work, and peer-to-peer discussion.


A unique feature of all of our workshops is that they incorporate cutting-edge coaching methods, experiential mindfulness practices and insights from academic research.


GEC's workshops, which are customised to meet your specific training needs, are perfect for teachers, parents and students to experience fun, practical and engaging sessions facilitated by highly qualified trainers.

What is Education Coaching?

Students   •   Parents   •   Teachers

At GEC, Education Coaching is about enhancing, developing and refining the skills you already possess. In GEC's Education Coaching workshops you will reflect within yourself and identify areas of your life related to any aspect of education that you want to work on. We will draw on your strengths and facilitate you to determine the best ways in which you can achieve your goals.


GEC's Education Coaching workshops are the right choice for you if you are a student, a teacher or a parent. 


If you are a student, GEC's Education Coaching workshops will provide you with the tools to face challenges and make effective decisions. 


If you are a teacher or a parent, GEC's Education Coaching workshops will help you develop your skills and strategies to increase your self-confidence and improve your relationship with your students or your children.


GEC's Education Coaching workshops offers you as a student, teacher or parent a very different approach to the one that you are probably used to. Firstly, you are in the driver’s seat and you are in control.


GEC's Education Coaching workshops will give you the time and space needed for reflection and for engagement with your own aspirations. It is an opportunity to share your thoughts – the coach will spend time and show an interest in what you have to say in a non-judgemental and enabling environment. This will allow you a sense of freedom to reflect, explore and question your own thinking and behaviour. You will be equipped with tools, which will empower you to move forward and achieve your aspirations.

Who are GEC's Education Workshops for?

Students in secondary school, college or university

Parents with children in any level of education

Teachers working in any level of education (including head teachers, lecturers, tutors, advisors)

GEC's Workshops for Students

Secondary  •  College  •  University

Managing Stress and Anxiety

• Coping with bullying
• School work and exam stress
• Time management strategies
• Dealing with peer pressure
• Social media and anxiety
• Setting yourself up for success

Career Choices
• Choosing your GCSEs/A-Levels
• Preparing for university entrance exams
• Taking on internships/apprenticeships
• Writing applications/CV (University/Job)
• Improving your interview skills (University/Job)
• Marketing yourself (University/Job)

• Secondary to Further/Higher Education
• Taught course to research degrees
• Student to employee
• Studying/Working abroad
• Living away from home
• Developing independent learning skills

GEC's Workshops for Teachers

Teachers  •  Head Teachers  •  Lecturers  •  Tutors  • Advisors

Work-Life Balance

• Strategies to manage workload
• Maximising quality family time

• Prioritising yourself 

Positive Mental Health & Holistic Well-being 

• Coping with stress through mindfulness
• Managing anxiety
• Creating a healthy lifestyle (Mind & Body)
• Creating quality ‘me time’

Career Progression

• Applying for a promotion
• Upgrading subject knowledge & delivery methods
• Taking initiative
• Understanding current adolescent trends
• Attending conferences/workshops

GEC's Workshops for Parents

•  You  •

Be an Involved Parent

• Helping your child with homework/exam preparation
• Selecting the right school
• Becoming a parent volunteer
• Managing extra-curricular activities
• Communicating effectively with the teacher
• Helping your child manage stress and anxiety

Positive Parenting
• Setting boundaries
• Managing discipline
• Communicating with your child
• Increasing your child’s self-esteem
• Maximising quality family time
• Enhancing your confidence as a parent

Parenting an Adolescent
• Balancing independence with boundaries
• Transitioning into young adulthood
• Understanding and managing social media
• Teaching about safeguarding
• Talking to your child about sex, drugs and alcohol
• Supporting adolescent dating